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Anna McCormac’s heritage is Lakota Sioux and Irish. Raised in Santa Cruz, California, she immigrated to Sydney, Australia, where she practised herbal medicine, focused on antenatal and women’s health. As a history enthusiast, Anna suspected that the “Witch craze” era held more than superstition, and began botanical and forensic investigations into the daily lives of people in the 17th century. She currently works as a registered Nurse, holding a Masters in Advanced Clinical Nursing, with a focus on vulnerable populations. Anna spends the rest of her hours working on her next books, and time with her husband and four grown children.

about the book

The Blighted Road is a 17th-century story of two women’s harrowing journeys through plague and a brutal witch-hunt. Orla, renowned healer and mid-wife in rural England, confronts stillbirths and a mysterious, deadly sickness afflicting her community. The local superstitious people suspect these sinister events are the actions of the Devil. Desperate for answers, Orla’s investigation into past plague outbreaks reveal a shocking correlation with the harvesting of blighted grain. Her revolutionary findings lead to accusations of witchcraft. Meanwhile, Abigail, a young Londoner faces the horror of life in the plague-ridden city. After losing her family to the Black Death, Abigail escapes the locked gates of London. She flees on the plague road to Salisbury, which is fraught with danger and despair.The separate tales of these women weave in and out as they reach a time and place where they are united by grief, loss and an uncanny will to survive.



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